getdddddddddd.com (pronounced "GET TENDIES DOT COM") uses a crude and brittle regular expression state-of-the-art sentiment analysis to analyze wsb posts.

/(\b[A-Za-z]{1,4}\b) *((?:[0-9]{1,4}\/[0-9]{1,4})|(?:[0-9]{1,4}\/[0-9]{1,4}\/[0-9]{1,4}))? *\$?([0-9]{1,9}\.?[0-9]{0,9}) *(P(?:UT\b|UTS|\b)|C(?:ALL\b|ALLS\b|\b))/

The guh index is a HIGHLY PROPRIETARY measure of how far the current market data deviates from wsb sentiment. A lower number is better, and sentiment that matches market behavior results in inverse guh.

Please don't look at the code, it is the worst.